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Preparing your Highly Sensitive Child for a Family Photoshoot in Toronto

Being a mom to a highly sensitive, 3 year old child, I know how new experiences can make us feel nervous. Not just for our child, but also for us parents as well.  Preparation requires understanding their needs and emotions. I’ve noted some tips that not just help me but has helped many families make their family photoshoot experience more comfortable and enjoyable:

Strategically Plan your Day: Don’t plan any other big activity for the day. Avoid sugary foods and drinks, and ensure they have dinner. You can pack mess free snacks, and water. Limit screen time throughout the day, and avoid it on your way to the session. Push back naps so they are rested for the sunset session. 

Explain the Process: Start by explaining what a photoshoot is and what will happen during the session. Use simple language to help them understand what to expect. My family photography sessions are very play based, so think of some of the things your child loves to do. Singing, picking flowers, throwing rocks in the water, dancing, and the list goes on. 

Choose a Comfortable Location: If possible, choose a familiar or comfortable location for the photoshoot. This can help your child feel more at ease during the session. I have a list of locations I recommend that are perfect for family photos in Toronto. If possible, visit this place before your photoshoot to familiarize your child. 

Be Patient and Supportive: Remember to be patient and supportive throughout the process. Encourage your child, praise their efforts, and let them know that it’s okay to feel nervous or shy. My prompts will be very engaging, and playful. We’ll feel goofy, laugh, play, and enjoy the moment with what they are willing to engage with. These sessions are very fast paced, and child-centric.

Celebrate Afterwards: After the photoshoot, celebrate your child’s participation and make it a positive experience. You can give them their favourite treat, a toy they love to play with, an outing like going for ice-cream, or a visit to the playground. 

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