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Navigating Parenthood with the Highly-Rated Toronto Paediatricians

As parents, there are a few things we’ll never have the answers to. How do the years slip by so quickly? Why do kids get that random burst of energy the second it’s bedtime? And what attracts them to the germiest spots in the park? Parenthood is simply a maze of mysteries, but at least we have the tools to navigate it. Having a pediatrician you trust will help you be prepared the next time your child answers the call to chew on the buggy at the grocery store. Here are some of the best Toronto pediatricians to keep your family ready for anything! 

Keep Your Family Healthy With These Incredible Toronto Pediatricians


Bloorkids is one of the largest pediatricians in all of Toronto and features a huge team of doctors and specialists for your family. Their goal is to give you all the answers in one easy location. The office uses top-of-the-line technology to give your child the latest in medical care. The team features adolescent medicine specialists, lactation consultants, dieticians, dermatologists, behavioral/mental health specialists, and more! 

Roundhouse Pediatrics

Roundhouse Pediatrics is a smaller pediatrician clinic started by Toronto’s Dr. Rahul Saxena. When you walk through the doors, you’ll immediately feel like you’re part of the family. Dr. Saxena does what he can to make healthcare quick and accessible. All initial sick visits are provided virtually to guarantee you can get in as fast as possible. The office provides primary care, urgent care, and counseling. Their mental health department is always willing to accept patients regardless of your current primary care provider.  

Kindercare Pediatrics

Kindercare Pediatrics relies on a large team of experts to keep the practice running smoothly. At the location, you’ll find specialists who will keep your kiddo feeling their best. The office provides primary care, lactation consultations, pediatric rheumatology assistance, pediatric psychology appointments, speech therapy, and more. The office features a walk-in clinic with flexible weekend and evening hours.

Kidcrew Toronto Pediatricians 

Kidcrew is a modern pediatrician office that prides itself on being a one-stop shop for your Toronto family. The office is staffed by a large team of primary care physicians, giving you the ability to find the doctor that’s the perfect match. They offer a long list of subspecialties, including sports medicine, cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology, and more. Kidcrew has a location in Midtown Toronto as well as North York. 

Clairhurst Pediatrics

Clairhurst Pediatrics gives you a team of primary care physicians and specialists to give your family exceptional care. The office accepts patients from the first days of life up until the age of 18. At Clairhurst, you’ll have access to doctors who specialize in allergies, immunology, and respirology. The office provides after-hours care through an answering line. 

Toronto Pediatricians

While coughs and sniffly noses are a normal part of childhood, having a great pediatrician will make sure your child is back to exploring in no time! Check out these Toronto pediatricians so you can be ready for anything!

I love connecting with families, whether we’re sharing recommendations or helping them plan a photo session. I know from experience that these wonderful years have a tendency to slip by. Above all, I adore working with parents to let them document every moment so they can treasure them forever. If you’ve been considering booking a session for your family, I would love to chat and tell you all about my process. Let’s have a conversation today! 


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