Get the Birth Guidance You Deserve With These Toronto Doulas

If we’re honest, all new parents could use some help. The entirety of pregnancy, as well as the first year, is so hectic. So it’s hard to find time to actually enjoy it. Doulas are incredible humans who are here to slow things down a bit to keep you centered. Whether you need someone who will help you create your perfect birth plan or will watch your baby so you can nap, a doula is going to ensure you’re feeling your best through every point of parenthood. If you’ve been looking for professionals to help you through the prenatal and postpartum months, I would love to give you a quick rundown of some of my favorite Toronto doulas.

Live Out The Birth Plan You Want With These Toronto Doulas 

New Mummy Company

New Mummy Company is a center that prides itself on helping families with every aspect of early parenthood. The company provides birth classes, sleep coaches, lactation consultants, and doulas. Their birth doulas will provide two prenatal appointments, unlimited birth support, and two postpartum visits. They’ll act as your coach, help you make a birth plan, and advocate for you throughout labor. You can also turn to the center for both day and overnight postpartum doula services. 

Toronto Family Doulas

At Toronto Family Doulas, they’re committed to making sure you’re never without expert assistance. The center will match you with two doulas who will help you throughout pregnancy and delivery. They’ll tell you about what to expect for birth, educate you on when to go to the hospital, help you craft a birth plan, and calm all your anxieties. Their postpartum doulas will watch your baby, answer any questions, and help with light housework.

Oona Cares

Oona is a Toronto parenthood center that has a huge team of compassionate doulas. For a birth doula, you’ll have continuous online and phone support on top of your two prenatal visits. They invite you to select a backup doula in the rare event your preferred doula can’t be present for the birth. Following labor, you can have a postpartum doula who will help you manage all the chaos of the newborn months. 

Durham Doula

Durham Doula is owned and operated by Sarah Leitch, a doula on a mission to guide parents toward wellness throughout their pregnancy. Sarah acts as a birth doula and will assist with births both in the hospital and at home. You’ll have two prenatal appointments where you’ll walk through your birth preferences. You’ll have continuous phone support throughout your pregnancy, as well as a postpartum visit. Sarah also works as a postpartum doula for families adjusting to life with a newborn. 

Lotus Mom

Lotus Mom was started by Maria Tamayo, a doula with over 20 years of experience. Maria adores educating parents on their birth options so they can have the labor that’s right for them. She’ll schedule two postpartum visits so you can discuss preferences. She’ll be by your side throughout labor and will be your strongest advocate. Following labor, she’ll schedule a postpartum visit to discuss any concerns you might have. Maria also offers Toronto postpartum doulas services, prenatal yoga, placenta encapsulation, and sleep consultations. 

Mama Bear Doula Care

Jen LeClair is a Toronto doula who started Mama Bear Doula Care to give parents extra guidance throughout high-risk pregnancies. Jen is joined by a team of backup doulas equally dedicated to coaching parents. While she focuses on complicated pregnancies, she still loves working with low-risk clients and home birth deliveries. You can select from several packages to select the care that’s right for you. Following your baby’s birth, you can hire Jen as a postpartum doula. 

Toronto Doulas

While both pregnancy and the postpartum stage can be stressful, a doula will ensure you always have the best help to get you through! Check out these Toronto doulas so you feel ready for every aspect of early parenthood.

If you’re currently creating your birth plan, let’s chat. I’m a Toronto-based photographer, and I positively love getting to help parents document the early years of their baby’s life. As a mom myself, I know that newborn photo sessions can be a little hectic. I work with my clients to create a relaxing atmosphere so they can have a beautiful experience. If you’ve been looking for a way to make the most out of the newborn stage, I’d love to tell you more about my process. Contact me today to find out more!


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