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Breastfeeding doesn’t always come easily. While nursing might be a natural process, there are plenty of obstacles that make the journey long and frustrating. From supply issues to latching problems, most parents face difficulties that are enough to make them want to give up. If you’re determined to breastfeed, hiring a lactation consultant is one of the best things you can do. A lactation consultant will not only help you troubleshoot any nursing issues but will also provide you with an education before your due date so you can feed with total confidence. If you’re looking for a Toronto lactation consultant who will empower you throughout your breastfeeding journey, here are a few of the best! 

Get All The Support You Need With A Toronto Lactation Consultant

New Mummy Company

New Mummy Company was started to help parents with every aspect of early parenthood. The Toronto company provides birth and postpartum doulas, parenting classes, sleep coaches, and a lactation consultant. The company lets you schedule a private in-home visit, an office appointment, or a virtual Zoom consultation. During this session, your consultant will review your health history and your pregnancy, chat through any issues, and ask to view a feeding. Twenty-four hours after your visit, you’ll receive a text to check on your progress. The center encourages you to book a follow-up service to see if the issues persist. 

Oona Cares

Since it opened in 2017, Oona Cares has been supporting families through fertility, pregnancy, and parenthood concerns. Their lactation consultant dedicated themselves to making breastfeeding a pain-free experience that allows you to bond with your Toronto baby. All the consultants are International Board Certified and have dedicated their lives to helping parents successfully nurse their babies. They’ll visit you both in the hospital as well as at your house. They’ll help you figure out the solution to common breastfeeding issues, assist you through the weaning process, and provide an education so you can have a great start to your breastfeeding journey.   

Jandy Beresford

After experiencing her own troubles with early motherhood, Jandy Beresford set out to help other parents have the guidance she needed. Jandy provides babywearing education, sleep consultations, and lactation consultations. She offers clinic and in-home visits as well as virtual consultations. She understands that breastfeeding issues wait for no one. When you call her, you can expect to have a visit within 48 hours. She assists with breastfeeding problems, weaning, pumping, and general breastfeeding education.  

Toronto Lactation Consultant

Without the right help, breastfeeding can be a frustrating experience. With a Toronto lactation consultant, you’ll feel empowered to feed your baby the way you want! 

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